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Time Out New York Suzuki has a silky smooth voice and a deadly way with melody. NPR Andy Suzuki … is blessed with a velvet voice that competes with that of any radio soul star. The group’s unique take on acoustic-pop is perfect … — ‘25 Artists That Need To Be Heard’ There is still soul in music. Grantland In an early-evening showcase by Andy Suzuki & the Method, tapping my foot … singing along. Meshell Ndegeocello (WNYC’s Battle Of The Boroughs) I love your sound. Brown University Daily Herald Andy Suzuki … heartthrob … swoon guaranteed. Andy Suzuki & The Method currently have my heart … I’ve been obsessed. Love their sound. Time Out New York Andy Suzuki has a voice built for the big time and plays soulful, slightly wistful acoustic pop … The Limewire Music Blog Suzuki … falls somewhere in between Joni Mitchell, Jason Mraz, and John Legend … his soulful voice, playful arrangements, and introspective lyrics combine the best traits of those three performers with his own charismatic charm and earnest delivery Keyboard Magazine Andy Suzuki brings a stripped-down R&B sensibility to the piano-man paradigm … [crafting] hip and touching tracks about city life and love, supporting himself with strong, open piano voicings and figures. American University The Eagle Andy Suzuki & the Method … were met by screams and yells before they even sat down. [Andy Suzuki’s] sound is hard to explain but his music is unforgettable. Columbia University Daily Spectator He might be the lead singer and composer of the next big thing. a Repping acoustic soul to the fullest. The new video for Andy Suzuki and the Method’s song “Take Care Of Me”
is an artistic masterpiece. I love Andy Suzuki & The Method, their sound is just infectious and addicting, it’s impossible not to enjoy them. … a new break out band … to keep an eye out for.